Legacy Conversations ™

A Precious Gift

Whether you realize it or not, at some time in the future, after you’re gone, someone close to you will miss you deeply. They will yearn for your words of counsel and concern. They will long to hear your voice again.

Through the miracle of a Legacy Conversation™, you can give them this precious gift. You can leave them a lasting expression of your love. Nothing could be more valuable.

What is a Legacy Conversation™?

Whether you’re a young parent, a middle-aged couple or a senior citizen, there’s a Legacy Conversation™ that’s right for you. Depending on the subject, you can recall adventures from your childhood, give advice on using money wisely, or pass along secrets for a happy and successful life.

Over time, the stories and wisdom of your life will become a source of instruction, comfort, connection, laughter, and support for those who come after you. With a Legacy Conversation™, it’s easy to leave a gift of incomparable value to those you love.

A Legacy Conversation™ can be an integral part of your estate planning at our firm or it can be a stand-alone service provided to you or to a loved one.

How It Works

With a Legacy Conversation™, we turn a simple chat into a touching and lasting treasure. Using a handful of interesting questions and a digital recorder, we help you share and save the lessons and experiences of your life.

We make it easy and enjoyable. There’s no homework, no tedious research, no writing and no cameras. Just you and your memories.

How to start? If we have not met, we start with a brief video and a fun and interactive “get to know you” session. We will then schedule the Legacy Conversation at a convenient time a few days later. Once complete, you will receive your Legacy Conversation on a flashdrive in a presentation gift box, ready to leave for your loved ones at the appropriate time.

Purchasing a gift certificate: Preserve your loved one’s legacy

We all have family members whose voices and stories we want to treasure forever. Preserve your loved one’s legacy and stories in a Legacy ConversationTM. Purchase a gift certificate for your loved one so that you will have the gift of their voice forever. Call us today to order a gift certificate or contact us here.

Legacy Conversation™ Topics

  • Legacy - Life’s Greatest Treasures

  • Money - Using Wealth Wisely

  • Treasures - Possessions of Deep Emotional Value

  • Our kids - Words of Love and Protection

  • Success - A Guide to Successful Living

  • Pets - Man’s Best Friends

  • Our Special Child - Sheltering a Precious Lamb

  • Love - Adventures On Our Life Together

  • Veteran - The Legacy of Heroes

  • Tribute - Honor a Loved One

Kind Words

“Through our Legacy Conversation, we have confidence that the special messages we wish to leave for our grandchildren will be made known to them after we are gone.“


“The Legacy Conversation was the missing piece in our estate planning. Thanks to JoEllen, we not only have the very important written estate plan for our children, but a verbal statement of our values, our hopes and dreams for our children.”